Wedding Ideas That Will Take Your Special Day To The Next Level

Make sure to include these unique ideas at your wedding celebrations. Your guests will love it! It’s all about that extra magic touch.

1. Design You Own Converses

wedding photo

You’ll be so much more comfortable. Imagine dancing the night away with these awesome converses, that also let you design them and print the date of the most important day of your life, and even your new name, Mrs…

2. Entertaining Cake Toppers wedding decor photo

Why not have some fun with your cake toppers? They’ll put a smile on everyone’s faces.

3. Use Bright Fruit As Decoration

Who says you have to have extravagant flowers and over-the-top table centres. Fruit has just as much color, and doesn’t cost anywhere close to as much. So grab a lemon and get creative. There’s so many possibilities!

4.  Let People Choose The Music

It will also make your job much easier, and it will get them excited also. The guests will feel more personally connected at the event, and will be sure to be on the dance floor when their song comes on. You can send a note that let’s people choose the music when you send them an invitation.


5. Prepare a Surprise Dance With Your Partner For Your Guests

This will also help your groom get excited before the wedding, and give you some quality time to enjoy without thinking of all the other stressful planning you need to do. This can be either a goofy dance, a romantic one, or even a flashmob by getting your family and friends to join in.

dancing wedding photo

Photo by Lucius Kwok