Signs That Your Kid Needs Some More Lovin’

You probably think you know your kid better than anyone else, and it is probably true. But often it is hard to read their emotions, and it’s important to look out for signs that your kid needs some more lovin’.

You might think they should have good manners and good grades, but what is more important than a happy child?

1. Your child is acting out

The immediate reaction when a child misbehaves is to punish them, or tell them off. Of course, no one wants to let their child think it is okay to misbehave, or have him repeat his ‘bad’ actions. Often, when a child acts out it is as a result of something deeper.

We aren’t saying to let your child get spoilt or get away with throwing his breakfast on the floor, but if the behaviour seems to be more out of built up emotion than a test of how much they can get away with, or if it is repeating itself too much, it’s worth having a talk with your child.

Give your child a big hug to start with, show him you are there for him. He might not want to speak at first about what is bothering him (could be something at school), but just to know that you’re there for him might improve his mood.

Don’t persist or push too much, or your child might close up even more. Just wait for him to be ready to tell you what is really bothering him. With enough lovin’, he will open up eventually.

*If you think it might be something serious, please contact someone who can help.

2. You child has a change in appetite

kid food photo

If you notice that your child suddenly has no appetite, and won’t even eat the things he used to enjoy, chances are there is something on his mind that is bothering him.

Whether he is in love, fighting with friends, having trouble with teachers or just feeling overwhelmed with homework, it is important that you support him.

Try spend some quality time with your child, ask questions lightly, without prodding too much, and wait for him to tell you what is on his mind.

A kid needs his vitamins, and if he isn’t eating well, he might get even more upset. He will have less energy to study in school and will feel constantly tired.

Give him some lovin’ with a side of greens.

3. Your child wants a lot of attention

Mom’s are like superheroes. They have to juggle so many thing’s at once, that by the end of the day they are exhausted.

Your kid might seem like he is nagging, constantly trying to get your attention, tell you stories and insist you tell him some too. It’s easy to lose patience when you’re in the middle of something and someone is demanding your attention.

Try to remember though that your child is just excited to see you, and maybe he is nagging because he feels he is not getting your 100% attention at any point (even if your other attention is to getting his lunch ready).

A good way to handle this situation is to let him know that you have set aside a half hour or an hour where you can give him full 100% attention. It doesn’t have to be in the moment that your child is demanding it, but it can be reserved for later in the evening. Be very specific as to which time you are able to dedicate to him, and make sure you are able to keep to it.

This way, you can tell him that until that time you have to concentrate on doing something else. It might take some time before your kid get’s used to this new system, but once he realizes that in his time he has your 100% attention, he won’t try to take your attention so much at other times.

Photo by Joel Olives