Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Made A New 5-Year-Old Friend – It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on their Royal Tour, they didn’t expect to make a new little friend. They were visiting Dubbo, Australia where a group of children came to greet them at the airport.

Headmistress Ann Van Dartel told the children beforehand not to touch the members of the royal family. One little boy, 5-year-old Luke Vincent, with down-syndrome, run to them as soon as they arrived. He gave Meghan Markle a huge cuddle and then went to Prince Harry.

He was especially curious by Prince Harry’s ginger Beard, and stroked it. It seems that Luke was a big fan of the Duke of Sussex.

A Famous Royal Moment

Cameras captured this beautiful moment. Journalists published it in many newspapers. So many people around the world were moved by this beautiful interaction. Famous cartoonist Warren Brown even created a beautiful cartoon to capture this.

You could see immediately from Meghan Markle’s face that she was moved by this boy’s love. She wrapped her arms around him and they had the biggest hug ever. Prince Harry was also overwhelmed by this sweet little boy and hugged him too. Luke showed the world that sometimes it’s ok to break rules if you do it with love and kindness.

The Royal Couple on their Royal Tour

It doesn’t take a lot to see that Meghan is a great new addition to the Royal family. Meghan and Harry got married May 19 2018. At first many were against the marriage since she is divorced. Meghan is now expecting her first child. Her due date is in spring 2019. We can’t wait to see the new royal baby and see the royal family keep growing.