Prince Harry Awards Bearded Military Hero

Neil Heritage lost both his legs in a suicide bombing in Iraq, and getting this award from Prince Harry truly meant a lot to him. Neil is not the kind of guy to let things get him down. He rowed across the Atlantic, and nearly climbed the Matterhorn, despite losing his legs.

It was therefore no surprise that he was being awarded by none other than Prince Harry, who himself spent time in the military in Iraq.

There was only one thing that made this awarding ceremony a little unusual, and that was the way Harry awarded Neil. He grabbed hold of his beard so that he could award him the medal at the inaugural Endeavour Fund Awards. prince harry awardsWould you feel uncomfortable? Not Neil. He laughed it off.

Prince Harry is often getting in trouble for doing things that are slightly un-royal, but others seem to like his cheekiness. There’s nothing wrong with a slightly more relatable member of the royal family. Especially since his brother Will and Princess Kate seem like the absolute perfect couple.