Septuplets Born At The Same Time Survive Against All Odds

This rare story really is a miracle (a very expensive miracle). These septuplets are the first septuplets in history to survive birth. When they were born they went viral, and everyone heard about them. Where they are now, 20 years later, is unbelievable!

Hormone Therapy Dysfunction: Oops!

Bobbi and Kenny had fertility problems and almost didn’t have any children! The first child of the couple was born on 3 January 1996. Named Mikayla Maries, she was nothing short of a miracle because of Kenny’s fertility problems which were caused by a malfunctioning pituitary gland. Bobby and Kenny wanted another child. So they underwent hormone therapy using a medicine called Metrodin. This medicine is believed to increase ovulation to help pregnancy. But what the medicine did instead shocked the entire world…