23 Green Screen Photos Reveal The Truth About The Billion Dollar Movie Industry

Movies that you see go through months or even years of script writing, production, filming, editing and loads and loads of effects. The green screen changed the world of movies FOREVER. The pre and post photos will reveal the inside scoop on how these movies really do get made. It will completely make you take a double take! You might even start understanding how they can cost several hundreds of millions of dollars to create these masterpieces.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry Potter movies somehow manage to transport you into an entire world of magic. It is so well done, that it almost makes you believe it is real. It can be easy to forget that it is all actually just effects and Hermione isn’t actually a top of the class Hogwarts student. This movie grossed over $380 million and cost them millions in effects alone. It was worth every penny!