These are the first all-female flight crew on Royal Brunei Airlines, a airline with plans to make a difference.

Royal Brunei Airlines is the national airline of Brunei. These three woman are Captain Sharifah Czarena, Senior First Officer Sariana and Senior First Officer Dk Nadiah. This picture was taken just before they took off on a flight that landed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia there are many laws that restrict women, one of them is that women are not allowed to drive. Other laws restrict them from walking on the street without a chaperone, speaking to men they’re not related to, trying on clothes while swimming, competing in sports, swimming and even buying a Barbie.

Unfortunetly, that is what life is like for women in Saudi Arabia.

Royal Brunei Airline is planning on making a difference though. They said, “We are the Nation’s ‘Generation with a Vision’; we are the tomorrow,”

Here is another picture they added on their Facebook page that show off all their female pilots. femalepilots