Rejection can cause horrible feelings no matter which form it comes in. This is an inspiring story that should remind you not to lose hope. All who succeed, went through many rejections before they do, and this story proves it.
Let’s introduce you to Brian Acton. Brian graduated from Stanford University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science. After two years of job searching, spending some time working as a product tester at Apple, Brian finally landed a job at Yahoo. In fact, he was their 44th employee.
Being a computer guy, Brian had invested in the dotcom boom, where he lost millions of dollars when the bubble burst.
In Yahoo he made a good friend, Jan Koum, and together they left in 2007 and took a year off to travel to South America, and to play ultimate frisbee. The friendship that began would soon be worth billions of dollars, but at this point they didn’t know it yet.

WhatsApp's Brian Acton and Jan Koum (Photo: Robert Gallagher for Forbes)

WhatsApp’s Brian Acton and Jan Koum (Photo: Robert Gallagher for Forbes )

After they returned from the year long trip, Brian struggled to find work. He applied to both Twitter and Facebook. Both rejected him. The amazing thing about Brian though was that he was able to stay positive throughout this whole time.

In 2009, Brian’s friend Koum, who also got rejected after applying for a job in Facebook, bought an iPhone (at a time when not everyone had one). He immediatly got fascinated with Apps, and had an image. A messaging App that would connect people from all over the world.
Koum approached Brian with this idea, and together they founded Whatsapp.
In 2014, Koum and Brian agreed to sell Whatsapp to Facebook, FOR $19BILLION! Cha-ching!!
Just like that, two men who got rejected, remained hopeful, and 5 years later sold their company to the same company who rejected them.
You don’t know what is waiting to happen to you around the corner. Had Brian and Jan not gotten rejected from Facebook, we might still be overpaying for texts today.

That’s Whatsapp!