Beautiful Celebs Who Used To Be Married – It Ended With Expensive Divorce Settlements & Debt

When it comes to weddings, celebs know how to throw a party. They spend ridiculous amounts of money to impress all their family and friends. Despite the lavish wedding celebrations, most of these celeb marriages end in ugly divorces. Attorneys are involved, and fights break out. In the end, these divorce settlements are so huge. They caused so much debt and some even have to take a second mortgage for their homes and declare bankruptcy. They have to take loans and debt to fund these settlements. Here are the most expensive celeb divorces in history.

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren – $750 Million

Every time they were seen together in public they seemed like the perfect couple. The whole world was shocked to discover that the billionaire golfer was actually cheating on his Swedish model wife. It seems all the fame and money got to his head, but he paid for this greatly. Elin hired a divorce attorney and filed for a divorce. Woods net worth was $740 Million, so she knew she could get a lot of money out of him in a settlement. She got everything she could and walked away with $750 million. It is safe to say Woods learnt his lesson…