25 Celeb Icons Who Will Be Missed Forever

Celebs spend their entire lives in the headlines, and their death is no exception. When a famous person dies, the world wants to know all the details. What is their medical history? What testament or will did they leave behind? How much money do they have left in their bank accounts? What is their net value? There are so many questions, and we are about to give you all the answers. They make millions of dollars throughout their career, but many of them leave the world without organizing the details of their will with an attorney, mostly due to their depression. Some of them leave nothing but debt behind, due to financial advisors taking advantage of them while they were alive. Many make bad investment decisions that leave them bankrupt. Here are 23 celebs who shocked the world when they passed away, some of them might surprise you. You probably didn’t even realize most of the people in this list have died. Number 17 is especially surprising…

Chris Penn – $5 Million

Sean Penn’s brother Chris may have not been as famous as his brother, but that didn’t mean he didn’t leave a lot of money in his bank account when he left the world too early, at the young age of 40. He left $5 million in his bank account, although he didn’t have a will so it is unclear who got all of his money. He earned most of his money by playing the villain in movies, such as Reservoir Dogs. The cause of death that was reported to the public was nonspecific cardiomyopathy. There real cause was his drug addiction. When his body was examined they found traces of Valium, morphine and codeine.