Breathtaking Celebrity Houses & Their Worth

When celebs say to “stay home”, this is what they mean. Take a look inside where celebs are in quarantine and we bet you’ll be jealous. How do you know you’ve made it in the celeb world? When you can buy a big beautiful house (or more accurate, mansion) to show off to your celeb friends. These houses are insane! Each one is bigger than the other, and their price tags are ridiculous. Just the home insurance on these are higher than most people’s lifetime earnings and salaries.

Prince Harry and Kate: $87 Million, Kensington Palace

If you are wondering where the royal couple spends most of their days, it is in Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace. The Obama’s were invited to this marvelous home when they visited London several years ago. They got to see the luxurious, yet cosy home. This home has 22-bedroom and used to belong to Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, the late Princess Margaret. The Royal couple don’t have to worry about home insurance or paying mortgage payments as everything is taken care of for them.