This Amulance Drone Is Going To Save Thousands of Lives

Each year nearly a million people in Europe suffer from a cardiac arrest. A mere 8% survives due to slow response times of emergency services. The ambulance drone is capable of saving lives with an integrated defibrillator. The goal is to improve existing emergency infrastructure with a network of drones. This new type of drones can go over 100 km/h and reaches its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%! This drone folds up and becomes a toolbox for all kind of emergency supplies. Future implementations will also serve other use cases such as drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and traumas.

Corrective Statement to the video: One should never leave the patient alone and always start performing CPR first. Please send out a bystander to retrieve an AED or Ambulance Drone in case of Cardiac Arrest.

Project Creator: Alec Momont –

Film Director: Samy Andary –
Cinematographer: Tomas J. Harten –
Actress: Rebecca ter Mors –
Actor: Roland van der Velden
Speed test drone clip: SkyHero –

Project Sponsor: Living Tomorrow –
Project Facilitator: TU Delft –
Project Chair: Richard Goossens
Project Mentor: Ir. Kees Nauta
Project Supervisor: Peter de Jonghe
Project Coordinator: Jurgen de Jaeger

This Rescue Dog’s Transformation After Adoption is Amazing

You won’t even recognize him from his picture before and after adoption. All it takes is a little love, and this dog will change your life as much as you changed his.

A dog is a man’s best friend. That is one of the truest statements that exist.

Our story is about Pillow, the Bull Dog.  Gniwa fell in love with him the first time he met him, at the rescue home, but his parent’s didn’t allow him to adopt Pillow straight away.

Gniwa visited Pillow as often as he could until finally, his parent’s saw that this love was forever, and not just a momentary thing.

Pillow was suffering from a tumour in his leg in the ‘before’ picture, and several days before Gniwa took Pillow home, an organization which helps shelter dogs paid for his operation to remove the tumour.

Via Reddit by Gniwa

Via Reddit by Gniwa

Gniwa said on Reddit: ‘I always wanted a second dog… One random day I was on Facebook and I noticed that my local animal shelter posted some available dogs on their website – there he was looking extremely handsome.

‘Just looking at Pillow napping on his bed next to me as I type this reinforces that I made the correct decision.

‘I am extremely lucky to have been able to find him and will look forward to the future.’

25 Powerful Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With so much bad news always getting us down, it’s easy to lose faith in human kind. These amazing and inspiring pictures will hopefully undo that damage and show you that there is goodness and kindness out there in the world. We all deserve a little bit of inspiring news every once in a while.

1. Giving Away His Shoes2014-07-28-KindnesstoYouisKindness

This amazing man takes off his shoes from his own two feet in order to give it to a homeless girl on the street. While other people might have walked straight past her, or even crossed the street to avoid her, this man took action to help her. 

12-Year-Old Girl Masters Dubstep Dance By Teaching Herself Through YouTube

Adilyn Malcolm, a talented 12-year-old girl, will blow your socks off. The talent is beyond your expectation, and the amazing thing is that she taught it all to herself. Forget textbooks, forget overpaying for dance classes. What this girl was able to achieve just through watching, and re-watching, YouTube videos is absolutely incredible.

She might only be 12, but she already knows where her passions lie. With true dedication and endless hours of hard work, she managed to truly master dubstep.

She said the advantage of YouTube is that you can re-watch the video as many times as you like. This is exactly what she did. She would spend hours trying to figure out just a single move from a video, until she felt that she has fully perfected it. Only then, would she move on to the next move.

Adilyn’s achievement should inspire us all, not necessarily to learn dubstep, but to use the internet to improve our talents, and expand our knowledge of whatever we are passionate about.

“If you’re on the Internet, you can really learn and teach yourself — it benefits you because you can watch everything over and over again, but in a classroom you can’t do that,” Adilyn said. “Honestly, because I learned this whole thing from the Internet and the Internet is my generation’s tool to learning these things, I think I can show people that you can do anything if you really have a passion for it.”

Facebook Did Not Hire Him, But 5 Years Later He Sold Them His Company For $19 Billion

Rejection can cause horrible feelings no matter which form it comes in. This is an inspiring story that should remind you not to lose hope. All who succeed, went through many rejections before they do, and this story proves it.
Let’s introduce you to Brian Acton. Brian graduated from Stanford University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science. After two years of job searching, spending some time working as a product tester at Apple, Brian finally landed a job at Yahoo. In fact, he was their 44th employee.
Being a computer guy, Brian had invested in the dotcom boom, where he lost millions of dollars when the bubble burst.
In Yahoo he made a good friend, Jan Koum, and together they left in 2007 and took a year off to travel to South America, and to play ultimate frisbee. The friendship that began would soon be worth billions of dollars, but at this point they didn’t know it yet.

WhatsApp's Brian Acton and Jan Koum (Photo: Robert Gallagher for Forbes)

WhatsApp’s Brian Acton and Jan Koum (Photo: Robert Gallagher for Forbes )

After they returned from the year long trip, Brian struggled to find work. He applied to both Twitter and Facebook. Both rejected him. The amazing thing about Brian though was that he was able to stay positive throughout this whole time.

In 2009, Brian’s friend Koum, who also got rejected after applying for a job in Facebook, bought an iPhone (at a time when not everyone had one). He immediatly got fascinated with Apps, and had an image. A messaging App that would connect people from all over the world.
Koum approached Brian with this idea, and together they founded Whatsapp.
In 2014, Koum and Brian agreed to sell Whatsapp to Facebook, FOR $19BILLION! Cha-ching!!
Just like that, two men who got rejected, remained hopeful, and 5 years later sold their company to the same company who rejected them.
You don’t know what is waiting to happen to you around the corner. Had Brian and Jan not gotten rejected from Facebook, we might still be overpaying for texts today.

That’s Whatsapp!