A Shocked Baboon’s Reaction to a Magic Trick

As children, magic tricks usually could easily impress us. But as we got older, and became more cynical, it takes a lot more than a disappearing card to impress us. Often, even magic tricks we don’t understand don’t intrest us, as we know that it is after all, just a trick.
There’s something special though about that childhood feeling. A magic trick that keeps us wondering for much longer. Our faith that the guy who performed the trick has some sort of special powers (maybe a parent?).
This monkey should remind us, how nice it is to see a trick that really surprises us. This baboon should remind us the beauty of innocence. Next time you see a magic trick, don’t roll your eyes. Think of this little monkey and his reaction.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could be pleased by the simple things in life?
And if you’re not into feeling impressed, at least enjoy the humorous aspect of this video.
A smiley monkey is a happy monkey.