4 Sisters Take A Photo Together Every Year For 40 Years As They Age Beautifully – This Is Inspiring

Nicholas Nixon visited his wife’s family in 1975, when he asked the 4 sisters to pose together as he took the photo. That is how the tradition began. From left to right: Heather, Mimi, BeBe, and Laurie look casually at the camera, not knowing the importance of that very first photo. A year later they took the same exact photo at the graduation of one of the sisters. Nixon has photographed the sisters every year since and the results is inspiring.sisters1975

40 years later, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City had an exhibition called The Brown Sisters: Forty Years. People were amazed, and the exhibition quickly became one of the most successful exhibitions they’ve ever had! Here are the beautiful photos that perfectly captured the Brown Sisters aging over 40 years together. The last photo might make you cry!