12-Year-Old Girl Masters Dubstep Dance By Teaching Herself Through YouTube

Adilyn Malcolm, a talented 12-year-old girl, will blow your socks off. The talent is beyond your expectation, and the amazing thing is that she taught it all to herself. Forget textbooks, forget overpaying for dance classes. What this girl was able to achieve just through watching, and re-watching, YouTube videos is absolutely incredible.

She might only be 12, but she already knows where her passions lie. With true dedication and endless hours of hard work, she managed to truly master dubstep.

She said the advantage of YouTube is that you can re-watch the video as many times as you like. This is exactly what she did. She would spend hours trying to figure out just a single move from a video, until she felt that she has fully perfected it. Only then, would she move on to the next move.

Adilyn’s achievement should inspire us all, not necessarily to learn dubstep, but to use the internet to improve our talents, and expand our knowledge of whatever we are passionate about.

“If you’re on the Internet, you can really learn and teach yourself — it benefits you because you can watch everything over and over again, but in a classroom you can’t do that,” Adilyn said. “Honestly, because I learned this whole thing from the Internet and the Internet is my generation’s tool to learning these things, I think I can show people that you can do anything if you really have a passion for it.”